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Job Title Executive (Fellow) Preparatory Course
Location NEMSMA
Department Preparatory Courses
FLSA Status N/A

This is the registration for the Executive (Fellow) Prep Course. You will be asked to select a Prep Course location and date after payment of the course. 

This registration applies only to the Preparatory Class. Test registration is a separate application.  If you need to apply to take the test, please refer to the upcoming tests under the Credentialing section here.

How to Apply for the Prep Course:

  • Click Begin above or below to begin the registration for the Prep Course.
  • Read Prep Course Overview, click Continue.
  • Pay the Prep Course Fee (currently $175 for Non-NEMSMA Members, $125 for NEMSMA Members)
  • Select the Prep Course location you will be attending
  • Future preparatory courses locations and dates will be announced shortly!


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